Innovative Logistics and Supply Chain Solutions

A leading provider of innovative Logistics and Supply Chain Solutions. An African supply chain and operations powerhouse. A best-of-breed provider of managed procurement and supply chain services.
Fact is, we are all of these and more.
Because real solutions require “more than a hammer,” Onaogr has organized itself and its offerings around achieving the best results for its customers – quickly, easily, efficiently. One partner. Comprehensive solutions. Amazing results.

Comprehensive, Unified Solutions

Anao Group unified approach to solutions delivery — integrating strategy, procurement, and managed services — helps clients achieve their strategic, operational and financial objectives.

We have built a unified framework of integrated sourcing, procurement, logistics, end-to-end supply chain capabilities, unrivalled in its depth and scope, supporting our customers and their needs now, and as they evolve.


Fresh thinking, innovative solutions, unrivalled domain and subject expertise -savvy procurement and supply chain strategies that deliver transformative, sustainable results.
Onaogr has the insight, expertise, and tools to create and implement effective strategies that deliver tangible, sustainable results. We help enterprise reinvent and transform themselves to create competitive advantage and deliver on rapidly changing business expectations, today and tomorrow.

We are an integral part of their supply chain requirements

Our company is committed to excellence, serving with passion and commitment.


Global Roots and Quality

Outsourcing your procurement function can be a worrying thought, especially when your business relies upon suppliers providing the highest quality produce and service to allow your chefs to deliver what your customers want.

The company’s mission is to assist organizations by offering affordable services designed to streamline the procure-to-pay process, implement internal controls and ensure preparedness for the audit process.

We optimize savings and accelerate order transaction time. We aim to develop long-term relationships based on trust, transparency and business integrity with a limited number of organizations.

At Anao Group, our procurement managers operate closely with your staff to ensure that nothing gets in the way to provide exactly what is required to meet your customers’ expectations. In every initiative, we strive to change the client’s definition of Procurement. We offer a dedicated support team that will tailor their every move to fit the exact needs and specifications of your company.


We are professional in the work we do. Our intention is to Let our expertise spice up your operations.

We remain impartial in how we evaluate and treat suppliers. We work exclusively on behalf of our clients and ensure they are getting the best value for their procurement initiatives.

Results focused:
Striving to deliver on our commitments with our client’s needs in mind, on time, and to the highest standard.

We take pride in being transparent in allowing our customers to audit the work we do for them. We produce best-in-class results without sacrificing integrity.


Our company warrantees, and guarantees, every thing we sell to be free of defects. Now that’s a fact! Anaogr Procurement honours the warranty by replacing the material at absolutely no cost to our customers!

Building today for a better tomorrow.

Use Our Advantages

We determine the most cost-effective mode(s) of transportation based on historical data and/or real-time data, taking into consideration volume, tariffs, and delivery constraints.


Global trade is big business and It’s fraught with risk. Onaogr Procurement can help you make sense of the import/export business, simplifying the complexities, ensuring compliance and reducing costs. We assess the following areas; Proper classification of Harmonized Tariff Codes, International duties, INCOTERMS and Cost reduction opportunities


Global Procurement and Supply will either match or beat pricing of our competitors’ This policy has been implemented to develop long term business relationships. Kindly speak to one of our representatives regarding this time-honoured policy.


We always pay all freight charges, including air freight. Onaogr has tremendous logistics expertise. We manage the flow of goods to meet our client’s needs In a timely fashion. Inventory control, transportation, and ware housing, Onaogr can do It all


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